About Us

Reliq brings deep space to the modern world by crafting timeless meteorite jewellery.
Authenticity and knowledge are at the heart of Reliq creations. Our expert seekers hunt for the finest stones that have fallen from space millions of years ago – found in the remote ice-capped regions of Norbotten, dark and inaccessible for all but a few months of the year. We work directly with our treasure hunters, whom we have established a close and long term relationship with. All our materials can be traced back to a known source as we strive to be transparent and ethical.
Decades of craftsmanship and expertise then come to the fore. Special patterns emerge, subtle colours appear and the result is a timeless and unique piece of jewellery that emanates a sense of wonder. The small team at Reliq oversees the entire process from start to finish, from design to production; as nothing is outsourced – all jewellery here is crafted with passion.
From far away in time and space, our jewellery takes you on a journey that combines mystery and style, featuring contemporary design with a cosmic stone that has been revered over centuries for their symbolism and power.
Meteorites, often named after their place of discovery – are asteroids that have shattered on its journey to Earth, scattering into thousands of fragments. Here at Reliq, we source our stones from the Norbotten regions of Sweden.
Coined the Widmanstätten pattern, this natural crystalline structure is developed when the meteorite is cooled over a prolonged period lasting 10 million years – giving rise to it’s striking interlocking ribbon pattern. For this reason, the Widmanstätten pattern cannot be recreated under man-made conditions. The pattern can be revealed once the meteorite is cut, polished and brushed over with an acid solution.
At Reliq, each individual fragment is inspected and cut with precision to ensure the most prominent pattern with minimal blemishes. Meteorites are composed of an iron nickel alloy, as well as trace elements. Due to this composition, meteorite can be prone to rust which is why a majority of our pieces have a protective coating to ensure longevity and preservation of the pattern.
Please note that our meteorites are all natural and each piece has its own unique pattern.